Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Mona Pagliaccio
Acrylic on Wood
8" x 10"

This is my Mona Lis Tribute painting for the Mona: International Group Show at the Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, California! The opening night will be on Saturday July 18th, 2013!

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Mona: International Group Exhibition - Modern Eden Gallery - San Francisco, California

I will proudly be part of this amazing exhibition at the Modern Eden Gallery in San francisco, California starting July 18th!

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

"Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot" Acrylic on Wood 12" x 16" 2013

This is my painting for the Comic Book Villains Art Show at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibition is up for the month of July!

It is a portrait of the Batman Villain: The Penguin(a.k.a. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot).The Penguin Villain was introduced by Artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger in the Batman DC Comics, Detective Comic # 58(in December of 1941).

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Friday, July 5, 2013

A Nice Picture by Magazine Radio In Situ - Montreal!

This is a nice picture taken by Magazine Radio In Situ, of myself and my very beautiful and talented friend Marie-Jo Thério, taken at my Art Show opening at Divan Orange last June 7th!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Comic Book Villain Group Show - The Hive Gallery - Los Angeles

I will have a Comic Book Villain painting at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles(Opening Saturday July 6th, 8:00PM-11:30PM).
The show will include:

  • Featured Artist 1: TEWSR - Featured Artist 2: Jeff Jacobson - Featured Artist 3: Verbal Assault Rifle curated by Bruce Mitchell - Featured Artist 4: “Villains” curated by Trek Lewis and The Hive - Featured Tall Wall Artist: Joe Nix - Installation Artist: Eric Staniford

  • Comic “Villains” curated by Trek Lewis and The Hive:

  • JNGL Dr. Doom Galactus - Marcel Dejure - J Salvador - Shaun “KASL”singer - Jennifer Ripassa - Rick Streck—-Venom - Steven Lopez - Cody”Mustacio ” Lusby - Alexander “DCD ” Smith - Mimi Yoon - Arlou Somo - Tewsr - Dytch66 - Pascal Leo Cormier - Kelly Castillo - Angelina Christina - John Park - Dave Macdowell - Robert Yancy - Dcypher - Heng—Joker - Michael Rosner - Agapito Doronio - Edward Frausto -Braniac - Daisuke - Phil Aceves - Randy Kono —Dr. Doom bird - Patrick Hammerlin - Stephen Sandoval - Japanda-Mad Hatter & Poison Ivy - Jinx- Crazy Quilt - Ben Boling - Walt Hall - Aaron Bolton - Rikk Roberts - John Malloy - Thomas lynch III - Steven V Williams - Cig Neutron - Macsorro - Salah—-Lady Deathstrike - Adam Huntley - Deanna Adona - Amy Sheridan - Carlos Etchevary

  • Verbal Assault Rifle (curated by artist Bruce Mitchell):

    The Verbal Assault Rifels began in 2007 out on the Playa at the Burning Man Festival. We carried Megaphones around and were liberal in their use. I made up the name one day and built the first. Friends began to make their own soon after. Now there are several. Each one a unique functioning work of expression. Say it LOUD. The Verbal Assault Rifle show will display several of these creations.

  • Scott Froschauer - Jake Mckinnon - Gregg Emmel - Sub Commander X - Macpherson Downs - Steve Whinslett - Bruce D Mitchell - James James J Peterson

  • Tunes spun throughout the evening by-
    Middle Room Dj's:
    Vast Connection 8-930
    [tlr] (member of GRYPT) 930-1030
    Fenex 1030-1130

    The Hive Gallery Resident Artists:

    Alyssa Beasley /Annie Terrazzo / Arlou Somo / Artrates.com / Ave Rose / David Reyes / Diana Levin / Doug Meyer/ / Dulcinea Circelli / Ellen Schinderman / Glenn Fox / Graphation / Greg Gould / Gretchen Ingram / Hollis Hart / Ink Pen Mutations / Jennifer Korsen / Jinx / John Dang / J.Salvador / Keith Wong / Lisa Levy / Luciano Martinez / Marcel DeJure / Marigrace Alebelda / Mark Posey / Meirav Haber / Michelle Hall / Mike Street / Nathan Cartwright / Patrick Haemmerlein / Randy Kono / Ken Dougherty / Rob Sussman / Sara Hedstrom /Sarah Ockuly / Sarah Winkle / Shrine / Sonik / Stephan Canthal / Stephen Holman / Superpao / Teod Tomlinson / Walt Hall


    Alex Chiu http://alexdoodles.com/
    Champoy www.champoyhate.tumblr.com
    Daniella Batsheva http://daniellabatsheva.com/
    John Haley III

    FABRIC ENVIRONMENTS/ INSTALLATION by: Sonik http://www.transmorphic.net/


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