Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unique Corn Art Show Opening Night

Our first Unique Corn Productions Art Show entitled "Unique Corn" was a great success!

Here are the photos of the opening night.

Day Pictures by Serge Clavet.
Night Pictures by Michelle Beaulieu.

Artist Anne-Marie Sirois elaborates on her Unicorn piece "Barbiecorne".

Chit chat with Artist happily eating Genevieve St Pierre and pretty smile Annie Pier Beauregard.

People pondering upon the work of Geneviève St-Pierre, "Deer Vagina".

Smiling Michelle Beaulieu who did the bar and photos.

Art Lovers.

Artist Alisa Arsenault and her man musician John Jerome.

blah blah blah blah!

Myself and Jean-Pierre Morin(Jeep), founders of Unique Corn Productions and instigators of the show!

Unique Corn Productions brainstorm.

Artist Yvon Gallant.

Miss Bar Tender Michelle Beaulieu and her jolly helper Yannick Dufils!

Mr. Clement Dugas(Café Clementine) walks into Unicorn world!

Girl talk!

Happy camper Etienne seems to have stolen my lazy eye from me!

Artists Jean-Pierre Morin(Jeep) and Anne-Marie Sirois.

A sincere look.

Babbling. Behind me is Artist Mario R. Landry's painting "If Unicorns Could Talk", featuring a Unicorn saying(in French), "They've killed us all because we didn't want to work like horses!"

Again, a beautiful picture of Artist Alisa Arsenault and musician John Jerome.

Mouthful Artist Jeep and owner of the E dans L'A Gallery, Jean-Marc Dugas.

"Deer Vagina" by Geneviève St-Pierre. Referring to meat.

Fun times with the mini radio! Part of Alisa Arsenault's piece.

Clementine Represent!

I should sign my work BEFORE the show and not during!

"Barbiecorne" by Anne - Marie Sirois.

Riding the Unicorn. Part of Yvon Gallant's installation.

As the sun went down, Michelle took over the photography! All of the following pictures were taken by Michelle Beaulieu!

Owner of E dans L'A Gallery, Jean-Marc Dugas a.k.a. Johnny Diggit!

A gracious smile from Grace!

Journalist Sylvie Mousseau with Artist Geneviève St Pierre.

Clement's Fiancé Claire's got a cat eye.

Pretty face Christine looking fancy!

Pierre-André Saindon is E.T. go homing at Photographer extraordinaire Marie-Eve Lavigne.

Justin and Chrissy emerged in Jennifer Bélanger's unicorn piece.

Artist and owner of Artsy et Vintage Clothing Store Marjolaine Bourgeois sits in front of Alisa Arsenault's piece. James is grinning at something!

Number One!


Jeep's Unicorn Power Glasses.

Jeep's having a time with a crew of fine young Brits!

Geneviève talks about her process to attentive listeners.

More peoples.

And more peoples.

Artist Dominik Robichaud and Singer/Song Writer Marie-Jo Thériault participating in intense girl talk!

Owner of Rouge Gorge Gallery(Memeramcook) Guy Gautreau and owner of E dans L'A Gallery(Moncton) Jean-Marc Dugas.

Dancer Extraordinaire Sylvie Mazerolle and Bad Ass Extraordinaire Dominic Dupuis!

Christine and Josie! Pretty girls all around!

The cutest little girl in the world.

Self-Portrait of Michelle.

Artist Marjolaine Bourgeois.

The super couple, Marjolaine Bourgeois and Jean-Marc Dugas! Live Unicorn style!

The night ended with a jam started by Jeep and I as others joined in.

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