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This is a sneak peek into my new work that will be exhibited at the Moncton City Hall Gallery starting November 7th, 2009.


Photo by Cat Arsenault

My Art Auctions!

Monday, October 19, 2009

News Paper Articles (FRENCH)

Article Acadie Nouvelle Samedi/Saturday October 12 Octobre 2009.

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Article Journal Universitaire Le Front/University Paper Le Front,
Mercredi/Wednesday October 9 Octobre, 2009.

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I will try and translate them in English soon.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Photo by Catherine Arsenault

This is my favorite time of year. Blood red leafs floating in the wind with teary eyed trees.

November 7th will be the start of my exhibition at the Moncton City Hall Gallery.
That day is also the Moncton Studio Tour and so I was hired by the City Hall to do a Live Painting at the City Hall. I will also have some Artwork on display at La Teraz Gallery on Church Street and will possibly bring some works at the Tera Verde on Main Street. There is a slight possibility that I will have some of my work at the Wine Tasting Festival at the Moncton Coliseum, November 6 & 7. On November 7th I you can come visit me at the Moncton City Hall where I will be showing works and painting Live.

Militia of the Boogie Man Exhibit

The show was a success. The place was filled and I was interviewed five times by television, news papers and radio. I will try and get some of these interviews up soon.
Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the event and the people. I will see if anyone from the news papers have any. The show will be taken down October 30th.

Comment books, business cards and the Secret Covenant

To see more detailed images of the paintings, go HERE