Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Passe-Partout - Little Giant

Here`s the painting I did live during the Passe-Partout Tribute Art Show on January 23rd, at La Sala Rosa, Montreal.

Passe-Partout - Little Giant
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 30"
(+ Shipping if applicable)


Passe-Partout Tribute Exhibition Event

Here are some photos from the Passe-Partout TV Show Art Exhibition Tribute event!

All photos were provided by Luc Belcourt,Leigh-Anne at Québec Spot Média and Productions Planète Virgolia.

From feft to right: "Grand-Mère" by Adèle Blais, "Canelle & Pruneau" by Kim Durocher, "Il y a un chat dans mon gâteau" by Édith Lebeau, "D’hier à aujourd’hui, l’espoir demeure" by Sandra Chevrier, "Zig Zag - Enfant Baphomet" by Pascal Leo Cormier, "Passe-Montagne" by Nadine Cinq-Mars.

From left to right: "Mes vêtements" by Reno Hébert, "Un oiseau sur ma main" by Éric Robillard, "Madame Coucou" by Marie-Ève Proteau, "La campagne de Fardoche" by Pascal Normand, "Ils sont quatre" by Frederick Ouellet, "Ti-Brin" by Vince.

From left to right: "Rêve de zèbre" by Melany Fay, "Biscuit à la retraite" by Sophie Wilkins, "Passe-Partout (Marie Eykel)" by François Escalmel.

A series of small Passe-Partout paintings by Annie-Claudine

A collaboration painting of Alakazoo, by Annie-Claudine and Dominique Desbiens.

View each individual piece with full info HERE.

People, Artists, Actors, enjoying the Artwork.

The Artists, Passe-Partout cast and production of the event:

From left to right: Marie Eykel(Passe-Partout), Robert Maltais(Voice of Perlin), Mireille Lachance(voice of Pruneau & Zig Zag)and Jacques l'Heureux(Passe-Montagne),

From left to right: Robert Maltais(Voice of Perlin), Caro St-Lo(Founder of Planète Virgolia Productions), Jacques lHeureux(Passe-Montagne), Marie Eykel(Passe-Partout) and Mireille Lachance(Voice of Pruneau and Zig Zag)

Marie Eykel(Passe-Partout)

Jacques L'Heureux(Passe-Montagne)

Mireille Lachance(Voice of Pruneau & Zig Zag)

Marie Eykel(Passe-Partout) next to "Passe-Partout" by François Escalmel

Jacques L'Heureux(Passe-Montagne)next to "Passe-Montagne" by Nadine Cinq-Mars

Robert Maltais(Voice of Perlin) next to "Rêve de zèbre" by Melany Fay

A closer look at the paintings:

The Artists with their work:

Sophie Wilkins & "Biscuit à la retraite"

Nadine Cinq-Mars & "Passe-Montagne"

Marie-Ève Proteau with "Madame Coucou"

Édith Lebeau & "Il y a un chat dans mon gâteau"

Reno Hébert & "Mes vêtements"

Melany Fay & "Rêve de zèbre"

François Escalmel & "Passe-Partout(Marie Eykel)"

Pascal Normand & "La campagne de Fardoche"

Kim Durocher & "Cannelle et Pruneau"

Adèle Blais & "Grand-mère"

Vince & "Ti-Brin"

Éric Robillard & "Un oiseau sur ma main"

Sandra Chevrier & "D’hier à aujourd’hui, l’espoir demeure"

Frederick Ouellet & "Ils sont quatre"

Pascal Leo Cormier & "Zig Zag - Enfant Baphomet"

Live Music with BATABEAT:

Kids drew on the board as the band played.

The sitting audience during the live music.


Dominique Desbiens painting Passe-Montagne:

Dominique and Jacques L'Heureux(Passe-Montagne!

"Passe-Montagne" by Dominique Desbiens

Philippe Morbidique Mayer painting Passe-Carreau:

"Passe-Carreau" by Philippe Morbidique Mayer

Pascal Leo Cormier(myself) painting Passe-Partout:

Photos of me and Marie Eykel(Passe-Partout):

"Passe-Partout" by Pascal Leo Cormier

Here are a couple of videos from the evening(only in French):


Buy one of the remaining original paintings HERE.

Buy an authentic, certified and limited print of one or more of the paintings HERE.