Sunday, July 25, 2010


Eye Ocean Live @ Aberdeen Cafe

The show at Aberdeen Cafe had a very good turn out. Here are some pictures and footage. Pictures by Michelle Beaulieu, Video by Joel Melanson.

Eye Ocean - A Wole New Dialect

Watch the rest of the Eye Ocean set here:

Julien Simon singing his heart out.

Eye Ocean with new addition, Etienne

Eye Ocean with Kiera Dall'Osto

"My Heart is a Polar Bear"

Serge Clavet growling.

Lovers Michelle and Dominic.

Some of our spectators.

The Mills family with their gorgeous daughter who's Eye Ocean's biggest fan!

The End.

Art & Tea Night @ Rouge Gorge Gallery

Galerie Rouge Gorge Gallery
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Soirée Art-Thé-Stique is a night of Art, Music and Tea held at Rouge Gorge Gallery in Memeramcook. It happens on a bi-monthly basis.The last Art-Thé-Stique event was on July 8th 2010 and I was happily a part of it.

The evening featured:


1) 'How to handle your balls' : Workshop on the preperation of Acadian poutines (Clarence LeBlanc).
2) The Adventures of a Memramcook Farm Boy in South America : Travel photo presentation (Jérémie Gaudet).
3) Group exhibit, live art and concordant/dissonant music courtesy of the TBA COLLECTIVE!

Artists include:
Annie France Noel
Catherine Arsenault
Blake Morin
Melissa Doucet
Sophie Auffrey
Michelle Furlong
Mario Landry
Pascal Leo Cormier

Music by:
Wescut(Wesley Thibodeau)
Mario Gautreau & Jonah Hache
Eye Ocean(Pascal Léo Cormier)

Poetry reading by:
Marie Ève Landry
Mario Landry

Here are some pictures of the event

Brick wall outside of Galerie Rouge Gorge Gallery
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Baker Clarence Leblanc is demonstrating how to make Acadien Poutine Rapée.
Photo by Cat Arsenault

Visual Artist and Poet Mario Landry reciting some of his Chiac Poetry
Photo by Cat Arsenault

Poet Marie-Eve Landry reciting some of her French Poetry.
Photo by Cat Arsenault

Some spectators enjoying some poetry.
Photo by Cat Arsenault

Mario Gautreau and Jonah Hache giving us some instrumental delights.
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Again, Mario and Jonah.
photo by Cat Arsenault

Floor spectators; Anne-Cecile and Stephanie
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Having Tea with Dominic who seems to be a Communist or into Allah nowadays!
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Stephanie Morris is added to the Tes Party as Dominic and I give each other sexy looks.
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Dominic talking with Clement, probably about Communism.(I tease him cause I love him!).
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Love birds; Michelle(who took most pictures) and Dominic(the communist! hah!)Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Myself talking with Jonah and Christine before the Eye Ocean set.
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Eye Ocean playing some French songs.
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

French Banjo.
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Eye Ocean with spectators.
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Standing in front of my paintings; LAUREN, Bee-Polaire and A Taste of Truth.
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

The night ended with some French songs by Wesley Thibodeau(Wescut).
Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

Wesley's feet.
Photo by Cat Arsenault

Photo by Michelle Beaulieu

The End.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unique Corn Productions

Unique Corn Productions was founded by myself and fellow Artist Jean-Pierre Morin(Jeep) with the purpose of organizing Fine Arts Group Shows with Corny themes.

The first Unique Corn Art Show is entitled "Unique Corn" and features fourteen local Artists who with Artwork with the Unique Corn(unicorns)theme. Opening night scheduled for Friday Ausust 6th 2010 at E dans L'A Gallery, Moncton, N.B.

Unique Corn Productions on Facebook!

Thursday, July 1, 2010