Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kingston Prize 2009 Submission

The Kingston Prize is an Annual Canadian Portrait Contest.
This is my first year entering the contest. I will receive news in June or July to see weather I made it in the top 30 and in October to see who came in first place. This year, the top 30 pieces will tour which can be very interesting!
Read more about the contest at the link below. Here is the portrait I entered:

A Taste Of Hope(Self-Portrait)
16" x 20"
Acrylic on Oval Canvas

CBC's Galerie George Goguen

Hey there!

I was recently approached by Artist George Goguen for a show. We set up a meeting and he came over to look at some work. So I got a show at his gallery in November of 2010. This is exiting because all the shows at this gallery are featured on CBC Television. I will elaborate on this more as time goes.

Romantic Dog

Here is an over view of my series "Romantic Dog" that I showed at the TBA Collective Art show in March.

You can view each piece(minus the hearts) individually in my online gallery here:

TBA Collective Art Show Event

It is obviously a little late to report on this since the event was on March 6th!
But here it is!

The event went fabulously well. The Manhattan Bar & Grill was jam packed!
In this event, I showed a new series entitled "Romantic Dog". I also showed a few older pieces here and there.

Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

In this picture you can see me and my then date which became my girlfriend, beloved Emily Gallant! That night was our first kiss! :-) Funny how this happens on the opening of an Art Show where I am showing Romantic Dog.

Live Paintings!

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen.

I haven't been posting in here for a while! It's hard to find the time!

I have been doing a lot of Onstage Live Paintings with bands recently. I thought I would share some pictures...

Those two pictures above are my very first Live Painting, this was with the band Something Delicious at the Paramount Lounge, Moncton, N.B.

Those two pictures are of my third Live Painting with Something Delicious. This is the only one I have now with SD but more will come. The painting is at the studio, almost done but not quite.

Photos by Michel Vienneau.

This was a Live Painting I did for the opening night of the revival of French Poetry book here called Revue Encrage. The event was entitled "Liberté Sur Parole" which means Freedom of Speech. The night went on as Poets read on stage while I painted. The evening followed by two musical acts by Polygamme and Nord/Sud.

This was my biggest Live Painting so far with Pascal Lejeune. It was at Salle Jeanne de Valois at the University of Moncton Campus.

And here is my last Live Painting with the Kevin McIntyre Band at Le Tonneau here in Moncton.

Photo by Michel Vienneau

The Painting was sold to Kevin.

I will upload more Live Painting Photos as they emmerge!