Saturday, December 7, 2013

La Foire du 3e Exhibition photos!

Here are some photos from the "Foire du 3e" group exhibition that happened from December 4th - 6th 2013 at the 3rd story studios at 135 Van Horne Street, Montreal!

The photos were taken by myself and Artist/Curator and Promoter of the event, Melsa Montagne!

Works by Jean-Christian GUINDON

Works by Jon KLASSEN(Clockshovel)

Works by Robert TRÉPANIER

Works by Jennifer-LEE BARKER

Works by Catherine MORIN

Artist and Curator for the show, Melsa Montagne with some of her works.

Comic book works by Dominique DESBIENS

Works by Nathalie ASSELIN

Artist Danielle BOUCHARD and her works.

Comic book works by Dominique DESBIENS, different angle.

Works by Emmanuel LAFLAMME

Works by Pascal Leo CORMIER(Myself)

More illustrations by Dominique DESBIENS

Works by Jean-François LABELLE

Works by Philippe MAYER

Works by Julie ROBINSON

Works by Sophie WILKINS

A collective painting done during the weekend of the exhibition!

Artists Bob DESAUTELS, Nadine SAMUEL & Jennifer-LEE BARKER while putting up the exhibition.

Smiling Artists in Philippe MAYER's studio! (From left to right: Artists Philippe MAYER, Melsa MONTAGNE, Nathan BARKLEY, Danielle BOUCHARD & Diana POLIZENO)

Myself with Dominique DESBIENS

Myself and Sophie WILKINS

Artists Harry CORRIGAN, Melsa MONTAGNE and Jean-Francois LABELLE

Jean-Francois LABELLE after accidentally banging his head really hard on an Artsy cabinet.

Jean-Francois, feeling better.

Artists Jean-Francois LABELLE, Melsa MONTAGNE and Myself

Artist Yann MEUROT and Myself.

Harry said, "I don't want to be in the picture!" the first time around.

Artist Robert TRÉPANIER and Myself.

List of participating Artists:

Dominique DESBIENS -Philippe MAYER - Melsa MONTAGNE(Curator) - Nathalie ASSELIN - Sophie WILKINS - Emmanuel Laflamme - Reno HEBERT - Frédérick OUELLET - Catherine MORIN - Jon KLASSEN(Clockshovel) - Sébastien GAUDETTE - Annie-Claudine TREMBLAY - Yann MEUROT - Nadine SAMUEL - Harry CORRIGAN - Julie ROBINSON - Pascal-Léo CORMIER - Jennifer-LEE BARKER - Camille STRAND - Caroline ST-PIERRE - Danielle BOUCHARD - Bob DESAUTELS - Bertrand LAVOIE - Jean-Christian GUINDON - Robert TRÉPANIER - Jean-François LABELLE - Émilie LÉGER - Diana POLIZENO - Chris ROBERTSON - Nathan BARKLEY - Maliciouz Urban HEARTIST - Jonathan SARDELIS - Nathalie MAYNARD - Matthew BELVAL

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