Friday, November 1, 2013

Unique Corn - Montreal - Press Release

Hello one and all!

The UNIQUE CORN exhibition in MONTREAL is coming soon!

63 Artists from both the Maritimes and Montreal, together in a Unicorn exhibition! (Note that the exhibition originally featured 70 Artists but 11 pulled out at the last minute and four were added!)

Attached to this email you will find a copy of the poster, and a press release (in French and English)!

The mission of Unique Corn:


Unique Corn is an artistic initiative originally founded in August of 2010 by artist Pascal Leo Cormier (Payazo), with his friend and fellow artist Jean-Pierre Morin (JEEP). in collaboration with E dans L’A (Jean-Marc Dugas / Johnny Talk Talk) in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.


The mission of Unique Corn is to organize and promote collective art exhibitions with often wacky, humorous and fun themes, with the following objectives:

1. SHED LIGHT on the idea that there is a place for humor and fun in the Fine Arts.

2. BUILD A BRIDGE between what is called the "High Brow Art", which is generally considered the "Fine Arts", and "Low Brow Art", which is usually classified as "Underground Art". Both of these worlds are going strong now in parallel universes, but never seem to meet. Unique Corn seeks to marry all these styles together in one space, and in a fun way that works.

3. INSPIRE ARTISTS to possibly explore topics outside their usual work, or their comfort zone, and have fun doing it!

Unique Corn is now based in Montreal, QC.

-Unique Corn President-


Edith Lebeau - Yvon Gallant - Cedric Taillon - Pascal Leo Cormier - André Demers - Jean-Pierre Morin - Emmanuel Laflamme - Rémi Beliveau - Alice dans la Lune - Sophie Wilkins - Maurice Cormier - Melsa Montagne - Mario Rhéal Landry, Alisa Arsenault - Jennifer Bélanger - VINCE - Karl Dupéré-Richer - Joel Arsenault - Philippe Morbidique Mayer - Margotella - Amanda B Fox - Cedric Dit Winke - Dennis Austin Reid - Xavier Landry - Frankle Pirate - Gaétan Marcelin - Alexandra Bastien - Katrine Noel - Mélany Fay - Darlene Teahen - Sigmund Pifko - Alexe Lapointe - Julie Robinson - Pamela Pierce - Alexandra Folie - Jono Doiron - Ectoplasme - Anne-Marie Sirois - Annie Claudine - Paulie Heart - Julie Caissie - Marie-Eve Proteau - Eric Braun - Catherine Morin - Reno Hebert - Eric Cormier - XRAY - Melanie Parent - Geneviève Sivret - Louise Theriault - René Cyr - Jessica Arseneau - Marjolaine Bourgeois - Jean Chainey - Dominique Desbiens - Raymond Martin - Gilles Cormier - Mario Leblanc - Clockshovel - Dominik Robichaud - Francois Escamel - Ghislain Roy

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