Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Self-Portrait in C-Minor Opening Night

Here are some photos of the opening night for Self-Portrait in C-Minor that took place on Saturday December 11th at E dans L'A Gallery, Moncton, N.B. I heard the night was a success. I wish I could have been there but from a two weeks of little to no sleep, I was in la-la land. All photos taken by Michelle Claire Beaulieu. Some High Resolution pictures of the work will come soon!

Myself and a Bumble Bee.

Wall # 1.


Jean-Pierre Morin.

Red Boots.


Steve Roy.

Josie and Dan chit chat.

Red boots again.

Jordy Jefferson looking at "Jeremiah 17:9 in C-Minor".

The Artist with his sister Jessica.

Nicolas looking at "Red Wine".

A section of "Where Baby Clowns Come From".

Marie-Eve looks sad.

Looking at "Jeremiah 17:9 in C-Minor".


Joel "the Brains" Melanson.

Emmanuelle Chapados points out something to Laurène.

"Where Baby Clowns Come From", angle shot.

Marie-Eve greets Josie.

Ariane and Michou hug.

Brother and Sister.

"When Mom & Dad Made Me Somewhere on the Moon" & "When God Pierced the Condom".

Brother and Sister again!

Marie-Eve and Jean-Michel looking at wall #1.

Jean-Michel smiles for the camera.


Outside again.

Laurène Gibert.

Always outside.

Ariane is scrolling through wall #1.

"When I was 3" & "Jeremiah 17:9 in C-Minor".

Outside talking with violist extraordinaire Annie Vadnais.

Jordy and hair.

Section of "Where Baby Clowns Come From".

Another section of "Where Baby Clowns Come From".

Ariane looking at "Palette Love".

François Michaud and the Haché brothers.

Ariane learning where Baby Clowns come from.

Andrée and her boyfriend Nicolas.

Jeep and Michou!

"Pulse" & "My Second Birthday".

Left to Right: The Great Race, My First Victory, Where Baby Clowns Come From, Unaborted & The Birth.

Emmanuelle orders a drink, Steve ponders upon "Desperate Hope".

Myself, my sister Jessica and Frederick(my lazy eye).

"Pharmachea", "Painter", "Desperate Hope" and "To Bee or Not To Bee".

"There Are Worlds Within Worlds", "Pornoduction" & "Red Wine".

Eric, Pierre-André and Dan engage in conversation while Jean-Michel looks on at wall #1.

François looks at "Desperate Hope" for quite a while!

The End.

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