Sunday, June 20, 2010

Highschool Art Class Presentation!

I was recently invited at the Highschool I went to to do presentations in the Art classes with Lucie St-Pierre who taught me a couple of Art classes in highschool. I reminded her that she had to take me outside the class almost every day because I smelled like Cannabis. I wonder how that could have happened.

It was interesting to be on the Teachers' side for once. Eating in their lunch room and all. I was very well greeting and the Principle as well as the vice-Principle both came in the class to look at my work. I presented three paintings, one was my self-portrait entitled "A Taste of Truth", another was my painting of Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation which was part of my "A Brief History of Liberty" series and the third was a more recent painting of my friend Lauren Michele Rossellas a Bumble Bee. I will upload pictures of these in a near future.

The classes went very well. I did two 11th and 12th grades as well as a 9th grade class. My cousin Bianca was in one of the classes and had a picture taken!

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