Monday, January 18, 2010

A Brief History of Liberty in Caraquet

My exhibition of "A Brief History of Liberty" in the Caraquet Cultural Center's Bernard-Jean Gallery was a success. Good attendance, good and warm vibrations.

Thanks to everyone who came out and also to Denis Lantegne and the Bernard-Jean Gallery for inviting me!

For those outside of New-Brunswick who are unaware, Caraquet is a predominantly French Fishing Village in New-Brunswick Canada.The village is basically one long road and is literally the longest Village in the world. Caraquet is has a very good artistic vibe.

Here are some pictures of the opening night!

Promotion Article in Acadie Nouvelle (French)

Vew from Outside
Photo by Leo Cormier

Another vew from outside.
Photo by Leo Cormier

My brief presentation, elaborating on A Brief History of Liberty.
Photo by Denis Lanteigne

Photo by Denis Lanteigne

Elaborating on the content.
Photo by Denis Lanteign

Photo by Denis Lanteigne

Photo by Denis Lanteigne

To Liberty & Truth.
Photo by Denis Lanteigne

Discussion with Martin Roy of the Acadie Nouvelle News Paper (Article coming soon).

Photo by Denis Lanteigne

Photo by Denis Lanteigne

The People helping themselves to some food and wine.
Photo by Denis Lanteigne

Long Art conversation with Karine.

My sister Jessica Cormier and her boyfriend Chad Hachey.
Photo by Leo Cormier

In front of the American Downfall display
Photo by Leo Cormier


The Martin Luther Display

(Right to Left: The Universal Roman Empire, The Word, Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation(And Birth of America), The American Revolution, The American Victory)

The Ignatius of Loyola Display

(Left to Right: The Sons of Loyola, Ignatius of Loyola & The Counter-Reformation, The Infiltration)

The American Downfall Display

(Left to Right: The Armor & The Sword, All The Wrong Toys (New Born America thinks Freemasonry as a Protestant Toy), The Infiltration of America, The New Roman-American Empire, The Enterprise Now A Success)

The Christ Display

(Yeshua the Redeemer - Prince of Peace)

Vew the whole Series HERE

Photo by Leo Cormier

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