Sunday, September 21, 2008


A treasure...

As I am wandering downtown late one friday night, I see a familiar face.

I say:"You're from Bathurst."(my home town).

She says yes. Long story short, she is down for a few days contemplating about moving here and has no place to stay, so she came over and slept on my couch.

All this to say that she(Natacha Haché who is now in Moncton and gives Yoga lessons for good price for anyone interested)introduced me to Cocorosie that night.

Cocorosie are two sisters, from what I understand, they were some how seperated young and found each other again later in life, one having become a Classically trained Opera singer and the other I ignore, but they ended up jamming in a bath tub and it turned out great obviously.

I found that do not like some of their seemingly more recent works as much as the earlier works but the first time I heard them, my heart nearly stopped.



Hairnet Paradise

Terrible Angels

By Your Side

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