Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My blog

Well well...Look at what we've got here...

Pascal has got a BLOG!

That's freaking crazy. What does B-L-O-G stand for anyway?

Beach Loving Overweight Goose?

Bum Lies On Ground?

Benificial Longlasting Ordained Government?

Brain Legislature On Grand-Falls?

Breteleretele Luturuturfu Ordolotolo Gulutululu?

Oh well.

I welcome you to my BLAUG.

You will read funny stuff, fun stuff, complains, prayers and a lot of things that will down right piss you off. All in love.

Politics & Religion

My Words of Wisdom

Bible Evidence

God Bless you.



GRoY said...

Glad you joined the bandwagon. It'll be interesting to read each other's post and comment on it. My new blog is coming along nicely. By the way, blog comes from the word weblog, which only means a log on the web. There's also vlogs, for video logs and Flogs, fore fake logs. Like Walmart and sony made, among others. (those blogs were made by those companies under a fake identity, as a customer praising their products or work etiquettes--lame). Love how you tried to make an acroym out of it though!

As for your question about mulitple blogs, well unless you meant creating another post yes when you make another blog you'll have to start your layout again. One thing you can do is copy the HTML from this one on the new one and changes the things you want to be different.

Good luck!

GRoY said...


Pascalistic said...


I'm definately joining in this walmart flog no doubt!

There should be Frogs too for poeple who are indifferent. :P

So if I make more blogs with different HTML, when you click on my picture, you will see my page as it is now but with a list of other blogs underneath "To Whom It May Concern"?

I'll look into that.


GRoY said...

Yes. Just like when you click mine you see a list of my blogs (on of which was created to test something, and the other one is the new template me and my sister are working on).

GRoY said...

Oh yes. It will be blogalicious (in a bloggy kinda way).

Pascalistic said...


GenieHash said...

I don't like mornings.
It's my fourth weekend working in a row.
But, but, but... I wuv wou!

Pascalistic said...

I wuv you too!

And Ghislain...I wuv you as well..You're not out of the picture.

That angry eye...Turns me on.

Gen, you're at your parents!

Roger's comming over.

haha that sounded very sick! I didn't mean it like that! :P

GenieHash said...

Yeah, I envy the wuv you have for Ghislain. You never took a bubble bath with me! Not to mention we never watched Rambo together. =(

GRoY said...

You're not missing much. I do it mostly for his pleasure.

Pascalistic said...


GenieHash said...

Oh, see... When I do things with Pascal, it's only for my pleasure. :P